Anmeldebogen für Neupatienten

Our Clinic is personal, individual, innovative and boasts state-of-the-art equipment

Implants with 3D-Navigation

35 years‘ experience in implantology

Root Canal Treatment with Microscope

Up to 20 x magnification

Digital Dentistry without taking impressions

With the iTero 5D intra-oral scanner

Invisible orthodontic alignment

With transparent splints, Invisalign

Our Clinic Philosophy

As a patient you should be treated by us just as we ourselves would like to be treated. Our aim is wherever possible to maintain our patients‘ teeth for their entire life. With the aid of regular prophylaxis and high-quality precise treatments we offer long-lasting individual solutions for optimal oral health.

Our clinic is run on an order basis. This means as a rule no or only minimal waiting times for you, and we can focus undisturbed on your treatment.

in Friedrichshafen auf jameda
in Friedrichshafen auf jameda

Payment in instalments:

Wir arbeiten mit der BFS health finance GmbH als Abrechnungsdienstleister zusammen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

Implants | Root canal treatment with microscope | Precise and aesthetic dental prosthetics without impressions | Functional diagnostics | Non-binding second opinion


  • We have a new intraoral scanner (iTero 5D). It replaces the previous oral scanner from 2011, making treatment even more accurate, easier and more comfortable for you. Thanks to infrared technology, caries in interdental spaces can be diagnosed more easily and without radiation. The situation in the mouth can be shown to the patient enlarged on the screen, which increases understanding and acceptance of the proposed treatment.
  • Guided navigated root canal treatment (microguided endodontics) using 3D X-rays, intraoral scans, navigation software and 3D printed templates can solve even the most difficult cases. Preserving your own teeth is always the primary goal. Implants are only used when teeth are missing or there is no longer any possibility of preserving teeth.

Our Dental Office

We offer comprehensive treatment in all areas of dentistry. For you, this means that you do not have to consult different dentists and also that you will not be referred to an assistant for part of the treatment. Instead, all of your treatment is carried out by the dentist you trust.