Anmeldebogen für Neupatienten

Dental prosthetics without taking an impression

With us you need not worry about unpleasant impressions. Instead of using a dental impression tray and paste we use an ultramodern intra-oral scanner to plan and produce dental prosthetics. With this equipment we can record the dental condition quickly and comfortable. The iTero scanner uses innovative laser technology and creates an exact digital model of your teeth from 3D data. We can look at this with 50x magnification on the screen while you are still sitting in the treatment chair. The data is sent to a milling centre which uses a patented process to create jaw models. In this way we are able to produce fixed high-precision dental prosthetics without the need for a dental impression. Removable dental prosthetics are also a major focus for us. Whether we can use the scanner for this depends on the condition of the remaining teeth. The precision methodology taught by Prof. Gutowski is part of our daily routine. It is also often possible to improve considerably the sit and function of existing dental prosthetics.

All work is carried out using magnifying glasses or a microscope with 8.6to 20 times magnification.